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Megacinogenic plasmid from Bacillus megaterium 216


Ability to produce megacin A, a bacteriocin of b. megaterium, was transferred from the strain B. megaterium 216 into auxotrophic derivatives of the strain B. megaterium KM via protoplast fusion and polyethylene-glycol-induced protoplast transformation by plasmid DNA, respectively. A 30.9 megadalton plasmid was detected in cells with MegA phenotype, and the loss of this phenotype was accompanied in each case with the elimination of that plasmid. The megacinogenic plasmid pBM309 has a single site for both BamIII and XhoI. It is cleaved by the endonucleases SalI, BglII, PstI, PvuII, and EcoRI into 3, 3, 4, 4, and 9 fragments, respectively. The physical map of this plasmid is presented.

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