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Temperature dependent release of ββ′ subunits of DNA dependent RNA polymerase from the folded chromosome of a dnaA ts mutant of Escherichia coli

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DNA-dependent RNA polymerase has been found to be preferentially released at 43° C from the folded nucleoids of an E. coli dnaA ts mutant when compared with the same nucleoids at 30° C or with nucleoids of a dnaA + strain at either 30° or 43° C. The polypeptides released are identical in molecular weight with those of the β and β′ constituent polypeptides of the core enzyme of a known E. coli RNA polymerase. In addition, these polypeptides are precipitated by specific anti-RNA polymerase rabbit IgG. The implications of the interactions of RNA polymerase with the dnaA gene product are discussed.

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