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Changes in gene expression elicited by amino acid limitation in Neurospora crassa strains having normal or mutant cross-pathway amino acid control


The effects of amino acid limitation on gene expression have been investigated in Neurospora crassa strains carrying normal (cpc-1 +) or mutant (cpc-1) alleles at a locus implicated in cross-pathway amino acid control. Electrophoresis and fluorography were used to reveal the patterns of label incorporation into polypeptides in vivo, or after in vitro translation of extracted mRNAs. In a cpc-1 + strain at least 20% of detectable in vitro translation products showed relative increases in incorporation when RNA was obtained from mycelium grown under conditions of arginine limitation, by comparison with conditions of arginine sufficiency. A cpc-1 mutation, which impairs derepression of a variety of amino acid synthetic enzymes following amino acid limitation, had little detectable effect on in vivo polypeptide synthesis during amino acid sufficient growth or following pyrimidine limitation. However the mutation substantially altered the response to arginine or histidine limitation. The majority of in vitro translation products that showed increased expression in arginine limited cpc-1 + failed to increase in cpc-1 strains, but arginine limitation of cpc-1 also resulted in increases that did not occur in cpc-1 + strains. This may reflect both direct and indirect consequences of the impairment of cross-pathway control.

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