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The utilization of peptides by Thermobacterium acidophilum

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The utilization of various commerical di- and tripeptides and a preparation of phosphopeptides by Thermobacterium acidophilum was investigated. No peptide was utilized better than the corresponding free amino acids, but one, serylglycine, was used with equal efficiency. Of the ten amino acids contained in the phosphopeptides all could be utilized, but at a very slow rate. Only one amino acid, serine, could be utilized fast enough to permit a normal growth rate.

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Løvtrup, S., Mellander, O. & Roos, K. The utilization of peptides by Thermobacterium acidophilum. Archiv. Mikrobiol. 26, 83–88 (1957). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00424853

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