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On the nature of bristles in Scenedesmus

  • Elena Marčenko


The existence of bristles, the hair-like appendages in several species of the genus Scenedesmus has been confirmed.

The ultrastructure of bristles in Scenedesmus helveticus Arlet, Sc. acutus Meyen and Sc. acuminatus/Lagerh./Chodat has been studied by negative staining. While bristles of Sc. helveticus are composed of several microstrands with a regular pattern of cross-striation, the bristles of spineless species Sc. aculus and Sc. acuminatus seem to be composed only of individual microstrands.

These investigations of bristles suggest their protein composition.


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  • Elena Marčenko
    • 1
  1. 1.Biology DepartmentRuđer Bošković InstituteZagrebYugoslavia

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