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An ethidium bromide induced mutant of Neurospora crassa defective in mitochondrial DNA

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Slow growing mutants of Neurospora crassa were obtained by ethidium bromide treatment of the wild type strain. A particular mutant ER-3 showed stopper phenotype accompanied by deficient cytochrome spectra. The mutant showed an altered restriction pattern of the mtDNA which indicated a deletion of 25,000bp. The phenotype of the ethidium bromide induced mutant ER-3 seem to be related to the loss of several essential genes due to a deletion in its mtDNA.

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Niagro, F.D., Mishra, N.C. An ethidium bromide induced mutant of Neurospora crassa defective in mitochondrial DNA. Curr Genet 16, 303–305 (1989).

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  • Ethidium bromide
  • Stopper
  • mtDNA
  • Restriction enzyme