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Site-specific circularisation at an intragenic sequence in Oenothera mitochondria

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The mitochondrial genome of Oenothera is divided between a number of circular molecules that are derived from master circles containing the total sequence complexity. The circularisation event which leads to the formation of one of the small molecules involves a decanucleotide within the region coding for the large ribosomal RNA. This decanucleotide, 5′-GGAAGCAGCC-3′, is repeated 7.5 kb further downstream. The repeat recombines with the intragenic sequence to form circle no. 3, which thus contains the 3′ part of the large rRNA gene. The other theoretical result from such a circularisation with the 5′ part of the gene cannot be detected in the mitochondrial genome, thus eliminating the reformation of the original sequence arrangement. Different models are discussed for this apparent non-reciprocal circularisation.

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