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Time course of photosynthesis in bicarbonate buffer in synchronized cultures of algae

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Photosynthetic gas exchange in synchronized cultures of the hightemperature strain Chlorella 7-11-05 was studied in bicarbonate buffer at pH 6.9. Two reactions previously theorized as basic to the changes in the time course of the gas exchange during a photosynthetic experiment were found to depend in bicarbonate buffer, also, on the developmental status of cells and on light intensity.

At any moment of observation the recorded rate of the gas exchange is an outcome of the competition between these two reactions. In younger cells a balance between the constructive and the destructive reactions is in favor of the constructive reaction, and the rate of the gas exchange increases in the course of the experiment. In older cells the balance between these two reactions gradually tips in favor of the destructive reaction, and the rate of the gas exchange declines with time.

In cells with a predominance of the destructive reaction the increase in light intensity favors the downward trend. In cells with a vigorous capacity for the constructive reaction the increase in light intensity favors, within limits, the upward trend in the gas exchange. After optimal light intensities are reached, a further increase in light intensity may bring oversaturation and a decline in the rate of the gas exchange in the course of a photosynthetic experiment. A separation in time of the upward and the downward reactions from each other in the course of one photosynthetic experiment, as it was previously attained in phosphate buffer, was not achieved in the bicarbonate buffer.

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