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Production of amylase(s) by Schwanniomyces castellii and Endomycopsis fibuligera


Schwanniomyces castellii and Endomycopsis fibuligera Produced extracellular amylase(s) when grown on various carbon sources and at different pH values. Both yeast species showed significant amylase synthesis in the presence of either maltose or soluble starch. On the other substrates tested (glucose, cellobiose, sucrose, trehalose, melezitose, raffinose, ethanol, glycerol) differences were found regarding growth and amylase production. Free glucose in the culture medium apparently inhibited enzyme synthesis. The pH range allowing maximal growth and amylase production was 4.5–6.0 for E. fibuligera and 5.5–7.0 for S. castellii.

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