Two schemes of the wing-pattern of butterflies

  • B. N. Schwanwitsch


Two schemes of the wing-pattern of Nymphalids and allied families are compared; one published by the author in 1924, another published by Süffert in 1926. The general resemblance of the two is very close, and the coincidence of the results of the two independent investigations evidently proves the correctness of the data obtained. Several differences between the schemes are recorded; these are, principally, in their peripheric parts.

The phenomenon of the influence of one pattern component upon another, and the derivation of those components designated Circuli by the author are dealt with in the course of a comparison of the schemes.

Some of the processes in the evolution of the wing-pattern are described similarly by Süffert and the author (e. g., displacement, formation of complex components).

Kühn's recent work (1926) shows that there are physiological differences between the pattern components which build up the schemes under consideration.

The importance of studying the pupal development of the wing-pattern, as pointed out by Süffert, is undeniable. But, it seems that the most important way to elucidate the whole evolution of the ground plan of the wing-pattern in Lepidoptera, is to make a comparative study of the adult forms on the widest possible scale.


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