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Annexins in rat enterocyte and hepatocyte: an immunogold electron-microscope study

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In the present study, immunogold labeling of ultrathin sections of rat small intestine and liver has been used to obtain insights into the ultrastructural localization and possible functions of annexins. In enterocytes, annexins II, IV, and VI are found at the periphery of the core of each microvillus and of the rootlets, but are absent from the interrootlet space. Annexins II, IV, and VI are also observed close to the interdigitated plasma membrane. In hepatocytes, only annexin VI is found to be concentrated within the microvilli in the bile canaliculi, on the inner face of the sinusoidal cell surface, particularly in the space of Disse, and all along the plasma membrane. Annexin VI is also detected in mitochondria of enterocytes and hepatocytes. These localizations are in agreement with the concept of a close calcium-dependent association of annexins with membranes and cytoskeletal proteins, particularly with actin. Moreover, they support the hypothesis of an involvement of annexins in exocytotic and endocytotic processes, which take place in epithelial cells.

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