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Comparison of butaperazine and perphenazine: A double-blind controlled study

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Fifty-three chronically ill institutionalized psychotic patients were placed on a double-blind study, using a newer phenothiazine, butaperazine, unmarketed in the United States, and a well-known and widely marketed compound, perphenazine. Matched patients received medication for a period of 8 weeks. Dosage of butaperazine was increased from 20 to 100 mg daily, and of perphenazine from 16 to 80 mg daily.

Butaperazine was found to be better than perphenazine in 8 pairs and equal to it in 5 pairs. Perphenazine was better than butaperazine in 12 pairs. Of the butaperazine patients, 1 showed moderate improvement, 9 were slightly improved, and 6 were slightly worse. In the perphenazine group, 7 were much improved, 10 slightly improved, and 3 slightly worse. The chief side effects in both groups were extrapyramidal phenomena, which responded to benztropine methanesulfonate.

These results indicate that in this chronic psychotic population, butaperazine does not seem to be a more effective compound than perphenazine, and has more side effects in the nature of extrapyramidal phenomena.

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This study was supported in part by Research Grant MH-05106-02, National Institute of Mental Health, United States Public Health Service.

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Sharpley, P., Heistad, G. & Schiele, B.C. Comparison of butaperazine and perphenazine: A double-blind controlled study. Psychopharmacologia 5, 209–216 (1964).

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