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Ultrastructure of the host-parasite interaction in the basidiolichen Cora pavonia (Web.) E. Fries

  • Phyllis A. Roskin


Ultrastructure of the host-parasite relationship in the basidiolichen Cora pavania was examined. Fungus hyphae closely envelope packets of cells of the blue-green phycobiont Scytonema. Convoluted haustorial hyphae were observed penetrating the algal cells. At the point of entry into the phycobiont a collar of wall material surrounds the haustorium, otherwise there is no sheath surrounding the haustorium and the fungal cell wall contacts the algal plasmalemma directly. No other reaction the presence of haustoria was evident in the phycobiont cells. Dolipore septa were observed in the mycobiont.


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  • Phyllis A. Roskin
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  1. 1.Department of Forest Botany and PathologyState University College of ForestrySyracuse

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