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Exact solutions of two dimensional flows of second order incompressible fluids


Some two dimensional exact solutions have been obtained describing non-steady flows of second order incompressible fluids. The results are expressed in terms of a non-dimensional parameter which depends on the non-Newtonian coefficient and the frequency of excitation of the external disturbance. It is noticed that for a critical value of K (= K c), the flow properties are identical with those in the Newtonian case.

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Before communicating this note, it has been noticed from a recent paper: “Non-steady helical flows of second-order flows” by H. Markovitz and B. D. Coleman Cf: Physics of Fluids 7 (1964) 833 that Truesdell considered some problems involving standing waves in second order fluids (unpublished). The results of Truesdell are, however, not known to the present author.

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Pattabhi Ramacharyulu, N.C. Exact solutions of two dimensional flows of second order incompressible fluids. Appl. sci. Res. 15, 41–50 (1966).

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  • Exact Solution
  • External Disturbance
  • Flow Property
  • Incompressible Fluid
  • Dimensional Flow