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Primary production in Dumbell Bay in the Arctic Ocean

  • S. Apollonio


Photosynthesis, chlorophyll, inorganic nutrients, and related factors were measured throughout a productive season in a small coastal inlet of the Arctic Ocean. Significant production was confined to 5 m for a very limited time period beacause of both light and nutrient limitations. Maximum chlorophyll was 8.2 mg Chl a m-3 and maximum “gross” and “net” photosynthesis rates were 830 and 550 mg C m-2 d-1. Annual “gross” and “net” photosynthesis is estimated at about 12 and 9 g C m-2 respectively. The effect of light stimulation on assimilation is described, sources of coastal zone nutrient enrichment are considered, and discrepancies between “gross” and “net” photosynthesis are discussed with reference to the growth characteristics of the phytoplankton population.


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