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The fine structure of akinete formation and germination in Cylindrospermum

  • Marcia Madsen Miller
  • Norma J. Lang


Akinete formation and germination were studied in a species of Cylindrospermum using the electron microscope. The differentiation of a vegetative cell into an akinete is characterized by cell enlargement, sheath condensation, deposition of several spore envelope layers, including a dense fibrillar layer and deposition of large cyanophycin granules. The mature akinete in addition to the multilayered envelope retains internally a large number of cyanophycin granules, a photosynthetic thylakoid system, polyhedral bodies, lipid deposits and nucleoplasmic regions. Germination of the akinete can take place in several modes differing in detail. Most frequently the spore envelope remains intact and the germling which may or may not have divided emerges through a pore at one end of the envelope. The photosynthetic thylakoid system appears to increase by the fusion of small vesicles found in the cytoplasm. Alpha-granules are numerous and cyanophycin is nearly absent in the germling.


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  • Marcia Madsen Miller
    • 1
  • Norma J. Lang
    • 1
  1. 1.Botany DepartmentUniversity of CaliforniaDavis

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