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Immunocytochemical localization of APS reductase and bisulfite reductase in three Desulfovibrio species


The localization of APS reductase and bisulfite reductase in Desulfovibrio gigas, D. vulgaris Hildenborough and D. thermophilus was studied by immunoelectron microscopy. Polyclonal antibodies were raised against the purified enzymes from each strain. Cells fixed with formaldehyde/glutaraldehyde were embedded and ultrathin sections were incubated with antibodies and subsequently labeled with protein A-gold. The bisulfite reductase in all three strains and APS reductase in d. gigas and D. vulgaris were found in the cytoplasm. The labeling of d. thermophilus with APS reductase antibodies resulted in a distribution of gold particles over the cytoplasmic membrane region. The localization of the two enzymes is discussed with respect to the mechanism and energetics of dissimilatory sulfate reduction.

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