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Potentiation of opioid — Induced cataracts by catecholamines injected into the mouse brain

  • Alfred A. Smith
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The cataractogenic effect of parenteral levorphanol was increased by the injection of catecholamines into the mouse brain. Although l-epinephrine potentiated this effect most strongly, the potency of dl-isoproterenol unexpectedly equaled that of l-norepinephrine. Phenoxybenzamine, however, blocked the effect of l-norepinephrine, whereas pronethalol failed to inhibit dl-isoproterenol. That dl-isoproterenol may act indirectly is supported by the finding that treatment of the mouse with reserpine blocked the potentiation induced by dl-isoproterenol but did not inhibit the action of the pressor catecholamines.


Opioid Catecholamines Cataracts Levorphanol 


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  • Alfred A. Smith
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