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Problems of staging colorectal cancer

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A total of 2994 cases of previously untreated colorectal carcinomas taken from the database of the International Cancer Patient Data Exchange Sytem of the UICC were analyzed. The objective was to compare pretherapeutic and postsurgical data and to investigate the impact of missing information on the quality of tumor staging under routine conditions. In clinical staging, a higher percentage of items were marked “unknown” in the questionnaires than in histopathological staging. The clinical and postoperative assessment of TNM stages Ib, II, and III frecuently diverged, indicating a low precision for clinical staging. Fistulae were rarely observed in either colon or rectum carcinoma.

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Author information

Correspondence to G. Wagner.

Additional information

Authors for the International Cancer Patient Data Exchange System of the UICC. Members of the following institutions are cooperating in the ICPDES: Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, Durham, NC (until 1983; Director; W.W. Shingleton; Representative for the ICPDES: E. Cox), University of Texas M.D. Anderson Hospital, Houston, TX (C.A. LeMaistre; UICC/CICA Coordinator for the ICPDES and International Data Center V.F. Guinee), Mayo Comprehensive Cancer Center, Rochester, MN (until 1983, C.G. Moertel; W.F. Taylor, H. Golenzer), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY (P. Marks; S. Bretsky), Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, NY (G.P. Murphy; W.W. Lane), Institut Jules Bordet, Bruxelles (W. Mattheiem), Fondation Bergonié, Bordeaux (C. Lagarde; M. Durand). Tumorzentrum Heidelberg/Mannheim (Ch. Herfarth; G. Wagner, G. Pfaff), Westdeutsches Tumorzentrum Essen (C.G. Schmidt, R. Pfeiffer), Országos Onkologiai Intézet, Budapest (S. Eckhardt, Z. Péter); Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori, Milano (U. Veronesi; N. Cascinelii, R. Bufalino), Nederlands Kankerinstituut, Amsterdam (F. Cleton; E. Hamersma, European Data Center: R Zewuster), Rotterdamsch Radio—Therapeutisch Instituut (D. M. van der Veldt; J. W. van der Velden), All — Union Cancer Research Center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow (N.N. Blokhin; I.V. Vardomskaya), Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex (since 1982, P. Strickland; S. Dische), Cancer Institute, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing (since (1983, You-Hui Zhang; Jian-Zhang Wang). Our thanks to Prof. Dr. E. Weber, Heidelberg, for his support in the Biplot analysis

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  • Neoplasm staging
  • TNM system
  • Colon neoplasms
  • Rectum neoplasms