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Urinary metabolites of 10-[3′-(4″-methyl-piperazinyl)-propyl]-phenothiazine (perazine) in psychiatric patients

II. Individual metabolite patterns and their changes in the course of treatment

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The urinary excretion of perazine metabolites was studied in schizophrenic patients during the first weeks after initiation of perazine treatment. Quantitative determinations of 9 metabolites did not reveal important inter-individual differences in metabolite patterns. In all those patient who had not been intensively pretreated with other phenothiazines, a marked increase in the ratio of demethylation products to the corresponding N-methyl compounds was oberved between the first and fourth week of treatment. The hypothesis of an induction of a demethylating enzyme by perazine is discussed.

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  • Perazine
  • Schizophrenia Drug Therapy
  • Phenothiazines Metabolism
  • Enzyme Induction