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Traitement prolongé à la morphine chez le rat: interaction drogue/comportement dans des conditionnements sous contrôle aversif

Prolonged treatment with morphine in rats: Drug/behavior interaction under aversive control

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Four rats were conditioned alternately on a titration schedule and on a Sidman avoidance schedule, without warning stimulus, in a circular box. Morphine (15 mg/kg daily) was administered for 30 consecutive days, and again for 4 days after 22 sessions of conditioning without drugs. In a circular box, the excitation induced by morphine showed a slow daily decrease suggesting development of tolerance. In the titration schedule, responding was depressed by the drug. After a few days, the rate of responding increased and the depression was reversed to excitation. When the drug was withdrawn, the rats showed a pattern of behaviour close to the normal baseline. The same effects appeared when morphine was injected after 6 weeks interruption of treatment.

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Dallemagne, G. Traitement prolongé à la morphine chez le rat: interaction drogue/comportement dans des conditionnements sous contrôle aversif. Psychopharmacologia 20, 77–84 (1971). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00404061

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  • Aversive Conditionings
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