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Human papillomavirus DNA from warts for typing by endonuclease restriction patterns: purification by alkaline plasmid methods

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The alkaline plasmid DNA extraction method of Birnboim and Doly was applied for the isolation of human papillomavirus (HPV) from warts. Tissue from common and plantar warts was digested with proteinase K, and the extrachromosomal circular covalently-closed form of HPV-DNA was rapidly extracted by alkaline sodium dodecyl sulphate and phenol-chloroform treatment. Recovery of HPV-DNA from the tissue was sufficient for determination of endonuclease restriction patterns by agarose gel electrophoresis.

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Chinami, M., Tanikawa, E., Hachisuka, H. et al. Human papillomavirus DNA from warts for typing by endonuclease restriction patterns: purification by alkaline plasmid methods. Arch Dermatol Res 282, 446–448 (1990).

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