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Yeast-like microfossils detected in oldest sediments of the earth

  • H. D. Pflug


A microfossil named Ramsaysphaera has been identified in the ca. 3400-million-year-old Swartkoppie chert of South Africa. Ramsaysphaera closely resembles in size, shape and all preserved structural details, asporogenous yeasts which have been subjected to dehydration. A similar microfossil called Isuasphaera was recently detected in cherty layers of the ca. 3800-million-year-old Isua quartzite in. SW-Greenland. With the known data about the early earth, the question arises, when and where life originated and by what principles early evolution was ruled.


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  • H. D. Pflug
    • 1
  1. 1.Geologisches Institut der UniversitätGießen

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