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On the pathogenesis of IDDM

  • J. Nerup
  • T. Mandrap-Poulsen
  • S. Helqvist
  • H. U. Andersen
  • F. Pociot
  • J. I. Reimers
  • B. G. Cuartero
  • A. E. Karlsen
  • U. Bjerre
  • T. Lorenzen


A model of the pathogenesis of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, i.e. the initial phase of beta-cell destruction, is proposed: in a cascade-like fashion efficient antigen presentation, unbalanced cytokine, secretion and poor beta-cell defence result in beta-cell destruction by toxic free radicals (O2 and nitric oxide) produced by the beta cells themselves. This entire process is under polygenetic control.

Key words

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus free radicals cytokines beta-cell destruction 



Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus


tumour necrosis factor






non-obese diabetic




antigen presenting cells

mn SOD

manganosuperoxide dismutase


nitric oxide


nitric oxide synthases




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  • H. U. Andersen
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  • F. Pociot
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  • J. I. Reimers
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  • B. G. Cuartero
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  • A. E. Karlsen
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  • U. Bjerre
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  • T. Lorenzen
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