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Glycollate-pathway enzymes in mitochondria from phototrophic, organotrophic and mixotrophic cells of Euglena

  • M. Fayyaz Chaudhary
  • Michael J. Merrett


Glycollate dehydrogenase and NADFH-glyoxylate reductase are constitutive enzymes in Percoll-purified mitochondria from phototrophic, mixotrophic and organotrophic cells of Euglena gracilis Klebs strain z Pringsheim. Glycollate oxidation by isolated mitochondria is stimulated four-fold by the addition of glutamate but rates of glycine oxidation are low in mitochondria from all cell types, the ratio of malate to glycine oxidation always being greater than 4:1. Measurement of the rate of NADPH oxidation in intact mitochondria and mitoplasts showed that the outer mitochondrial membrane is impermeable to NADPH and in the absence of NADPH-dehydrogenase activity the oxidation of NADPH by mitoplasts is dependent on the presence of glyoxylate for NADPH-glyoxylate-reductase activity. It is concluded that glycollate oxidation in the mitochondrion provides glyoxylate which, in the presence of a suitable amino-donor, can be converted to glycine by glutamate-glyoxylate amino-transferase so providing essential intermediates for biosynthesis. Glycollate oxidation outside the mitochondrion is concerned with photorespiratory metabolism and the inability of mitochondria to oxidise exogenous glycine at appreciable rates means that the separation of photorespiratory metabolism from the biosynthesis of essential intermediates is effected.

Key words

Euglena (glycollate pathway) Glycine Glycollate Mitochondrion (glycollate-pathway enzymes) 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • M. Fayyaz Chaudhary
    • 1
  • Michael J. Merrett
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Botany and MicrobiologyUniversity College of SwanseaSwanseaUK

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