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Chemistry of micas and chlorite in Proterozoic acid metavolcanics and associated rocks from the Hästefält area, Norberg ore district, central Sweden

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Microprobe analyses are performed on micas (biotite, muscovite and phlogopite) and chlorite from 1.9–1.8 Ga acid K- or Na-rich metavolcanics, cordierit-emica schists and manganiferous rocks from the Hästefält area in central Sweden. The results indicate that Fe-rich biotites and muscovites containing ≥10 to ≤25% celadonite and/or pyrophyllite are common in the K- and Na-rich metavolcanics. In the cordierite-mica schists the biotites are Mg-rich and the muscovites contain less than 10% celadonite and/or pyrophyllite. The predominant mica in the manganiferous rocks are phlogopite and less frequent rather pure muscovite. The chlorites show a wide range in composition, but principally those occurring in the K- and Na-rich metavolcanics are brunsvigite and diabantite and those in the cordierite-mica schists and the manganiferous rocks are mainly sheridanite and clinochlore. The chlorites of the manganiferous rocks show enrichment in Mn compared to those in other rock types. In general the compositional variations in the micas and less commonly chlorites are strongly controlled by rock type and fluid chemistry, particularly with respect to the ratio of FeO/(FeO+MgO). Estimates of maximum prograde metamorphic temperature, based on phyllosilicates and co-existing cordierite and garnets, indicate a value of up to 500° C.

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