Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 143–181

The Asiatic clam, Corbicula spp., as a biological monitor in freshwater environments

  • Francis G. Doherty


Asiatic clams, Corbicula spp., are filter-feeding freshwater bivalves that are widely distributed, abundant, and fast growing with a lifespan of 1–3 yrs. A review of the existing literature demonstrates that Asiatic clams can concentrate organic pollutants from both water and sediment and heavy metals from water. In conjunction with these traits, they exhibit a high tolerance for the effects resulting from exposure to toxic substances. While an organism must possess these traits to serve as an effective biological monitor, they have also permitted the Asiatic clam to rapidly colonize natural and industrial environments resulting in purported ecological disturbances and severe economic repurcussions, respectively. Its invasive biofouling attributes therefore restrict the use of Asiatic clams for biomonitoring purposes from Corbicula-free drainage systems.


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  • Francis G. Doherty
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  1. 1.Aquatic Toxicology LaboratorySyracuse Research CorporationSyracuseUSA

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