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Structural organization of the genome of the zygomycete Absidia glauca: evidence for high repetitive DNA content


Total cell DNA of Absidia glauca has a GC-content of 44.6% ± 0.5% as determined from optical melting profiles which is in good accordance with values from equilibrium centrifugation in bisbenzimide containing CsCl gradients (46.2% = 1.1%), whereas mitochondrial DNA has a GC-content of only 30%. The genome size of Absidia glauca is approximately 36,000 kb, 8.6 times that of Escherichia coli. Three kinetically different fractions could be identified in reassociation experiments: a foldback-DNA fraction, comprising approximately 10% of the total DNA, repetitive DNA (25%) and single copy DNA (65%). This relatively high amount of repetitive DNA could partly be ascribed to ribosomal DNA (13%) and a new interspersed repetitive element (“rAg1”) which has been cloned in pBR325.

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Correspondence to Johannes Wöstemeyer.

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Wöstemeyer, J., Burmester, A. Structural organization of the genome of the zygomycete Absidia glauca: evidence for high repetitive DNA content. Curr Genet 10, 903–907 (1986).

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  • Absidia glauca
  • Genome organization
  • Repetitive DNA