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Chloroplast movement in Mougeotia induced by blue light pulses


The profile-to-face chloroplast movement in the green alga Mougeotia has been induced by strong blue and near-ultraviolet light pulses (6 J m-2). Simultaneously, strong red or far-red light (10 W m-2) was applied perpendicularly to the inducing beam. The response was measured photometrically. Against the far-red background the reciprocity law was found to hold for pulse durations varying two orders of magnitude. The action spectrum exhibited a maximum near 450 nm and a distinct increase in near-ultraviolet. The time-course and the spectral dependence of pulse responses of chloroplasts in Mougeotia were similar to those recorded for other plants which are sensitive only to blue. This points to an alternative sensor system active in the short-wavelength region in addition to the phytochrome system.

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far-red light


red absorbing form of phytochrome


far-red absorbing form of phytochrome


red light


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