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Molecular cloning and characterisation of cDNAs complementary to mRNAs from wounded potato (Solanum tuberosum) tuber tissue


Five cDNA clones complementary to mRNAs representing different abundances and responses to wounding have been isolated from a library of Sau 3A fragments in the bacteriophage M13 mp8. These were characterised by hybrid-release translation and hybridisation to RNA blots. The levels of RNA complementary to two of the clones show a marked increase during the 24h after wounding, one shows a small increase and two show no appreciable changes except that caused by a general increase in the total amount of polyadenylated RNA per microgram of total RNA which increases 2.5-fold during the same period. The would-induced RNAs are not induced in diluted suspension-culture cells, but RNA complementary to each clone is present in varying levels in stems, leaves and roots of intact potato plants.

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complementary DNA



poly(A)+ RNA:

polyadenylated RNA




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