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Translation and transcription in imbibed and germinating spores of Anemia phyllitidis L.Sw.

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Induction of germination by gibberellin or light is not a prerequisite for protein and RNA synthesis in spores of A. phyllitidis. Imbibed but non-induced spores of this fern show a high rate of translation as well as appreciably transcription of all RNA types. The pattern of in-vitro translation of polyadenylated RNA present in the dry spore corresponds with the in-vivo translation products under non-inductive conditions. New proteins are not detectable among the in-vitro and in-vivo translation products until 48 h after a germination stimulus. Although the dark imbibition of spores is accompanied by a reduction in the lengths of polyadenylated tracts of the stored mRNA, this fraction is characterized by a remarkable stability which is undoubtedly a prerequisite for the high viability of these fern spores. The importance of these results for the general meaning of stored mRNA in spore and seed germination processes is discussed.

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GA3 :

gibberellic acid


polyadenylated RNA


sodium dodecyl sulfate


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