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Object-oriented graphical modeling of FMSs

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Presented in the article is a method for constructing a graphical model of an FMS by using a new modeling tool called JR-net (Job Resource relation-net). JR-net is an object-oriented graphical tool for modeling automated manufacturing systems (AMSs), such as FMSs, FASs, and AS/RSs. As with the object-oriented modeling paradigm of Rumbaugh et al. (1991), the JR-net modeling framework supports the three stages of models: static layout model (object model); job flow model (functional model); and supervisory control model (dynamic model). In this article, the existing JR-net structure (Park 1992, Han et al., 1995) is extended further to make it a graphical tool for FMS modeling. Using the extended JR-net, a step-by-step procedure for constructing a graphical model of FMSs is presented. Also addressed are issues of classifying FMSs in terms of their generic functions and of utilizing the JR-net model of FMSs.

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