, Volume 156, Issue 3, pp 270–273

Composition of the cell wall of Chlorella fusca

  • Eckhard Loos
  • Doris Meindl

DOI: 10.1007/BF00393735

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Loos, E. & Meindl, D. Planta (1982) 156: 270. doi:10.1007/BF00393735


Isolated cell walls of mature Chlorella fusca consisted of about 80% carbohydrate, 7% protein, and 13% unidentified material. Mannose and glucose were present in a ratio of about 2.7:1 and accounted for most of the carbohydrate. Minor components were glucuronic acid, rhamnose, and traces of other sugars; galactose was absent. After treatment with 2 M trifluoroacetic acid or with 80% acetic acid/HNO3 (10/1, v/v), a residue with a mannose/glucose ratio of 0.3:1 was obtained, probably representing a structural polysaccharide. An X-ray diffraction diagram of the walls showed one diffuse reflection at 0.44 nm and no reflections characteristic of cellulose. Walls from young cells contained about 51% carbohydrate, 12% protein, and 37% unidentified material. Mannose and glucose were also the main sugars; their absolute amounts per wall increased 6–7 fold during cell growth. Walls isolated with omission of a dodecylsulphate/mercaptoethanol/urea extraction step had a higher protein content and, with young walls, a significantly higher glucose and fucose content. These data and other published cell wall analyses show a wide variability in cell wall composition of the members of the genus Chlorella.

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Cell wall (composition) Chlorella 



gas liquid chromatography


trifluoroacetic acid

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  • Eckhard Loos
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  • Doris Meindl
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  1. 1.Institut für Botanik der UniversitätRegensburgGermany

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