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Vertical distribution of zooplankton glutamate dehydrogenase in relation to chlorophyll in the vicinity of the Nantucket Shoals

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The vertical distributions of chlorophyll, and zooplankton glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) and respiratory electron transport system (ETS) activities were measured at five stations in the vicinity of the Nantucket Shoals using a submersible pump-profiling system. Distinctly lower zooplankton GDH activities and chlorophyll concentrations were found at a station showing little vertical stratification as compared to the other stations where vertical stratification was more pronounced. Maximum GDH activity was observed at or immediately above the chlorophyll maximum at the stratified stations. Respiration to excretion (O:N) ratios determined from the enzyme data were lowest in or just above the chlorphyll maximum, suggesting proteolytic catabolism at those depths. Both features had previously been observed in the oligotrophic Gulf of Mexico. Ammonium excretion determined from GDH activity was estimated to provide 20 to 40% of the total algal nitrogen requirement.

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