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Characterization of the isolated calcium-binding vesicles from the green alga Mougeotia scalaris, and their relevance to chloroplast movement

  • Franz Grolig
  • Gottfried Wagner


The calcium-binding vesicles from the green alga Mougeotia scalaris were isolated and characterized after staining in vivo by neutral red or rhodamine B. They were found to possess, a protonated group with a pKa-9.9, typifying phenolic hydroxyl groups; upon titration, both, phenolic compound(s) and vital dye were concomitantly released from the vesicular matrix. A shift in peak absorbance from 450 nm to 540 nm of the vitally stained vesicles indicated that the neutral form of neutral red was bound to the vesicular, matrix as an intermediate form, stabilized via intermolecular hydrogen bonds to the phenolic compound(s). Up to 8.5.109 dye molecules were calculated to be adsorbed to a mean-size vesicle. Analysis of Langmuir adsorption isotherms, indicated that there were two binding sites each for both neutral red and rhodamine B. The isolated vesicles were devoid of calcium, probably because vesicular calcium, bound to the vesicle matrix, was displaced upon dye binding. Dye adsorption to the vesicles in vivo results in substantial inhibition of the reorientational movement of the Mougeotia chloroplast and is explained by dye-mediated disorder of the cellular calcium homoeostasis.

Key words

Calcium (vesicles, binding) Chlorophyta Chloroplast movement Mougeotia (calcium vesicles) Phenolic compounds Vesicle (vital staining, calcium) 



neutral red


rhodamine B


sodium dodecyl sulfate


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Franz Grolig
    • 1
  • Gottfried Wagner
    • 1
  1. 1.Botanisches Institut I der Justus-Liebig-UniversitätGiessenFederal Republic of Germany

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