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Cadmium and manganese flux in eelgrass Zostera marina II. Metal uptake by leaf and root-rhizome tissues

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Cadmium and manganese radionuclide uptake by Zostera marina L. tissues and translocation between rootrhizomes and leaves was examined. Cadmium concentrations in root-rhizomes increased with incubation time but appeared to reach saturation levels at 24 h of exposure. Translocation of cadmium between root-rhizomes and leaves occurred in both directions. A greater flux of cadmium downward suggested that root-rhizomes were a cadmium sink. Cadmium flux in either direction could be enhanced by a salt gradient. Cadmium appears to move through eelgrass by diffusion or mass flow through vascular tissues and apparent free spaces. Manganese is less mobile but is more readily fixed by leaves. Manganese mobility is not enhanced by salt gradients. Incorporation of cadmium and manganese into root-rhizomes from labelled anoxic sediments was several orders of magnitude less than that from labelled anoxic seawater media.

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This research was supported by grants to B. H. Brinkhuis from the New York Sea Grant Institute and the Nassau-Suffolk Regional Planning Board, and by a Jessie Smith-Noyes Fellowship and Sigma Xi grant to W. F. Penello

Marine Research Center Contribution No. 248

Communicated by I. Morris, West Boothbay Harbor

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Brinkhuis, B.H., Penello, W.F. & Churchill, A.C. Cadmium and manganese flux in eelgrass Zostera marina II. Metal uptake by leaf and root-rhizome tissues. Marine Biology 58, 187–196 (1980). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00391875

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