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Development of the preprophase band from random cytoplasmic microtubules in guard mother cells of Allium cepa L.

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The organization of microtubule (MT) arrays in the guard mother cells (GMCs) of A. cepa was examined, focussing on the stage at which a longitudinal preprophase band (PPB) is established perpendicular to all other division planes in the epidermis. In the majority of young GMCs, including those seen just after asymmetric division, MTs are distributed randomly throughout the cortex and inner regions of the cytoplasm. Few MTs are associated with the nuclear surface. As the GMCs continue to develop, MTs cluster around the nucleus and a PPB appears as a wide longitudinal band. Microtubules also become prominent between the nucleus and the periclinal and transverse walls, while they decrease in number along the radial longitudinal walls. The PPB progressively narrows by early prophase, and a transversely oriented spindle gradually ensheaths the nucleus. These observations indicate that the initial, broad PPB is organized by a rearrangement of the random cytoplasmic array of MTs. Additional reorganization is responsible for MTs linking the nucleus and the cortex in the future plane of the cell plate, and for narrowing of the PPB.

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