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Interaction of temperature and salinity on oxygen consumption of the estuarine crab Panopeus herbstii

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The combined effects of temperature and salinity on the rate of oxygen consuption by the estuarine crab Panopeus herbstii Milne-Edwards (Crustacea: Decapoda: Xanthidae) were studied. Crabs were acclimated to all combinations of 10° and 23°C and 5 and 30% S. The rate of oxygen consumption was measured at 10° and 25°C in experimental salinities of 5, 15, 30, and 40%. Following acclimation to 23°C and 5% S, the rate of oxygen consumption by female crabs was significantly lower than that of males. No other experimental treatments resulted in significant rate differences between males and females. The anticipated response of an increase in oxygen consumption upon exposure of this euryhaline crab to low salinity occurred. Similarly, compensatory adjustment to low temperature following acclimation was evidenced. However, unpredictable patterns of response were elicited by specific experimental manipulations of temperature and salinity. Thermal sensitivity of oxygen uptake as reflected by Q10 was also influenced by experimental conditions and further substantiated the occurrence of interactions between temperature and salinity.

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