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Cytochemical studies on the behaviour of thiamine pyrophosphatase, NADH2-tetrazolium reductase and acid phosphatase in the cerebellum of rabbits chronically poisoned with manganese

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The subject of these studies was the cerebellum of rabbits chronically poisoned with manganese. The following enzymes were investigated: Thiamine pyrophosphatase, Acid Phosphatase and NADH2-tetrazolium reductase. The authors observed the increase of acid phosphatase activity and the decrease of TPP-ase and NADH2-tetrazolium reductase activity in the cerebellum of experimental animals. Basing on the obtained results the authors suppose, that the manganese, administrated chronically, causes the disturbances in the function of the Golgi Zone and in the oxidation in the neurons of experimental animals. The increase of acid phosphatase activity with the parallel diffusion in the neurons indicates the damage of lyscsomal membranes or the increase of pinocytosis.

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