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Heavy meromyosin complexing filaments in the phloem of Vicia faba and Xylosma congestum

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Stem sections of Vicia faba L. were incubated with rabbit-muscle heavy meromyosin (HMM) and HMM complexes with phloem filaments (P-protein) were observed with the electron microscope. Treatment of sections of Vicia faba and of Xylosma congestum (Lour.) Merr. with fluorescent HMM resulted in a weak fluorescence of the phloem region. Inasmuch as HMM-binding is believed to be specific for actin-like proteins, it is proposed to classify P-protein as such.

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  • Electron Microscope
  • Stem Section
  • Vicia Faba
  • Weak Fluorescence
  • Heavy Meromyosin