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Transport und Stoffwechsel von 2-[14C]Abscisinsäure in Wurzelsegmenten von Phaseolus coccineus L.

Transport and metabolism of 2-[14C]abscisic acid in root segments of Phaseolus coccineus L.

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Movement of 2-[14C]ABA through 1.5 cm and 5 cm long root segments of P. coccineus L. was acropetally polarised. The velocity of acropetal transport of [14C]ABA in 1.5 cm long segments was 4–5 mm·h-1. Up to 11 h after the start of incubation [14C]ABA could be extracted unchanged. Beyond this time radioactivity became associated to an unidentified compound, which shows chromatographic qualities similar to those of Milborrow's “Metabolite C” (Biochemistry & Physiol. Plant Growth Substances, 1531, Runge Press Ottawa, 1968; and Chem. Comm. 966, 1969).

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