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Gm, Am and Km immunoglobulin allotypes of two populations in Tunisia


Gm, Am and Km allotypes were investigated in two Tunisian populations (236 samples from Mahdia and 142 samples from Sfax). These populations descend from immigrants and, therefore, the results were compared with those obtained in other populations living in the Near East and in North Africa.

The subclass heavy chain allotypes G1m, G2m, G3m and A2m are inherited in fixed combinations. There were five main and four minor Gm-Am haplotypes that could be deduced from the phenotypes. This led to the conclusion that the populations studied are Caucasoids with some African admixture (about 10%) and a very low oriental contribution.

Furthermore, there were 11 samples which showed 8 uncommon Gm-Am phenotypes. These could be explained by the assumption of five different uncommon Gm-Am haplotypes. Four of these may have arisen by equal crossing over of prevalent haplotypes. The fifth may be the result of unequal crossing over, since it was proven, by family study, that more markers are transmitted together than are present in the prevalent haplotypes.

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Correspondence to G. Lefranc or Erna van Loghem.

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This work was supported in part by the “Facultés de Pharmacie et de Médecine Dentaire” of Monastir and by the University of Rouen

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