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Water-jet dissection in renal surgery: experimental study of a new device in the pig

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The pig model was used for experiments with a new type of water-jet dissector, which produces high-pressure water by application of a gas and maintains the water fully sterile in a single-use delivery apparatus. The experiment was conducted ex vivo (14 kidneys) and in vivo to compare electric cautery section with water-jet dissection (5 vs 11 partial nephrectomies). Ex vivo study confirmed sparing of blood vessels and pelvicaliceal system. In vivo study did not show significant differences in blood loss but, the water-jet allowed precise dissection and tight closure of the excretory system. More frequent haemorrages were noted on histological examination of the WJ group, but no coagulation necrosis. These are preliminary findings and further studies of long-term results may confirm the benefits of the absence of parenchymal necrosis and the definite advantage of precise closure of the pelvicaliceal system, as morbidity of partial nephrectomy is often related to secondary haemorrages and urinary fistulae.

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