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Chromosomal banding patterns in human large bowel adenomas


Chromosome studies were performed on direct preparations of 38 benign human large bowel adenomas by fluorescent banding techniques. Five adenomas had a normal diploid karyotype line. Six adenomas had numerical abnormalities, and seven polypoid lesions exhibited structural and numerical changes. In 20 adenomas without analyzable metaphases, it was presumed that the cells were dividing at a lower rate. Mosaics were observed in 25% of cases. The most common finding was trisomy of 7, 8, or 13.

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Correspondence to Amelia Reichmann.

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Data in this paper were reported in part at the Annual Meeting of the American Gastroenterological Association on May 1983. Washington, D.C. (A. Reichmann, P. Martin, and B. Levin 1983).

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Reichmann, A., Martin, P. & Levin, B. Chromosomal banding patterns in human large bowel adenomas. Hum Genet 70, 28–31 (1985).

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