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Die verbreitung der uferwanzen (Heteroptera: Saldidae) im brackigen und marinen litoral der nordamerikanischen pazifikküste

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Shore bugs (Heteroptera: Saldidae) were collected during summer 1973 along the Pacific Coast of North America between the arctic and the subtropical regions. The field studies were aimed at determining the species-specific upper and lower limits of distribution in the littoral, and the distribution range of these species in estuaries. The saldids inhabiting the littoral zones can be divided into two groups: those species which live mainly along the coast (coastal species), and those which live mainly inland (inland species). Species found in the supralittoral occur at inland localities as well, and thus can either tolerate limnetic-oligohaline conditions (Salda littoralis, S. provancheri, Saldula coxalis) or are confined to habitats along salt lakes (Pentacora signoreti). Inhabitants of the eulittoral can either occur in the supralittoral and inland localities as well and are holeuryhaline (Saldula palustris, S. pallipes), or have disconnected inland populations (S. nigrita), or they live exclusively in the intertidal zones. In the subarctic, coastal species are distributed from the intertidal zones to inland limnetic habitats. The increasing aridity of southern climatic zones may act as a limiting factor confining the distribution of coastal species to the coast. On the other hand, the distribution of “inland species” may be influenced by competition with the coastal forms.

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