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Distribution of growth regulators in relation to the light-induced geotropic responsiveness in Zea roots

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Growth regulators were measured in extracts from the upper and lower halves of 7-mm apical segments of horizontally oriented, red-light-irradiated and non-irradiated roots of Zea mays L. cv. Golden Cross Bantam 70 which exhibit a georesponse only after an exposure to light. Abscisic acid (ABA) was measured by gas-liquid chromatography, auxin (indole-3-acetic acid, IAA) by the Avena straight-growth assay, and an unidentified growth inhibitor by a Zea root-growth assay. The ratio of ABA in the upper and lower halves was 1.6 in the irradiated roots and 1.0 in the non-irradiated ones. The total amount of ABA after irradiation was increased by a factor of ca. 1.8. The ratio of IAA in the upper and lower halves of irradiated and non-irradiated roots was 1:3.4 and 1:2.9, respectively. The content (or activity) of an unidentified growth inhibitor was highest in the lower halves of horizontally oriented roots which had been irradiated with red light. The unidentified growth inhibitor, rather than IAA or ABA, may be the major factor in the light-induced geotropic responsiveness in Zea roots.

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