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A simpler surgical technique to treat aseptic nonunion-associated femoral length discrepancy

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In a prospective study from December 1986 to August 1989, 17 consecutive patients with femoral shortening due to aseptic nonunion of femoral shaft fractures were treated with limitedly open Gross-Kempf locking nailing with a lengthening procedure. Patients were followed up for at least 1 year (average 25 months). There was a 88.2% union rate with an average union period of 5.2 months. Average lengthening was 2.4 cm (1.0 ∼ 3.0 cm) , and average operation time 90 min (70 ∼ 130min). The blood loss was slight (average 200ml). Complications (11.8%) were 5.9% implant failure and 5.9% nonunion which were not difficult to manage. No neurovascular complications were noted. We conclude that for 5 cm shortening or less in femoral aseptic nonunion, this treatment constitutes the simplest technique and can achieve a very satisfactory result.

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