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The influence of root temperature on 14C assimilate profiles in wheat roots

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The rate of translocation of 14C assimilates from leaves to seminal roots in wheat seedlings was considerably reduced by lowering root temperature from 20° to 10° or 5° although the total translocation of 14C to the roots after 24 h was little affected by temperature. The lowered root temperatures (particularly 5°) resulted in a more uniform distribution of assimilate along the roots than did a temperature of 20°, the ratios of radioactivity/cm in the apical cm, elongating zone, and basal parts of the root after 24 h being 14.0:9.6:1 in 20° roots by contrast with 2.8:1:1 in 5° roots. Temperature effects on assimilate distribution may help explain the observations that for roots grown below 15° ion uptake is sustained in older parts and that roots grown at a low temperature are thicker than roots grown at a higher one.

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