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Seasonal variations in salt-march macroalgae photosynthesis. II. Fucus vesiculosus and Ulva lactuca

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Photosynthesis in whole plants of the salt-marsh algae Fucus vesiculosus and Ulva lactuca was evaluated by 14C-uptake under a variety of light intensities at approximately mately monthly intervals during a 15-month study. Photosynthetic capacity in both species was closely related to seasonal irradiation patterns and changes in field biomass. Maximum photosynthesis occurred in the spring and summer months. Photosynthesis on a dry weight basis was higher in U. lactuca, while photosynthesis on a chlorophyll a basis was equal in both species. Photosynthetic capacity was inversely related to pigment content. Maximum chlorophyll a concentrations occurred during the winter. Frond profile studies in F. vesiculosus indicated that apices always exhibited greatest photosynthetic capacity. Uptake of 14C into ethanol-soluble and insoluble fractions was different in each species. F. vesiculosus showed greater activity in the ethanol-soluble fraction while U. lactuca exhibited greater activity in ethanol-insoluble fractions.

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This research was supported by Research Grant AG-375 from the National Science Foundation and, in part, by the State University of New York Research Foundation and the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA).

Communicated by M. R. Tripp, Newark

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