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Versuch einer Kausalanalyse der geotropischen Reaktionskette im Chara-Rhizoid

An attempt at a causal analysis of the geotropical reaction chain in the Chara rhizoid


In the initial phase of the geotropical reaction of the Chara rhizoid the growth difference postulated by Sievers (1967c) between the physically upper, slightly subapical flank and the lower one is demonstrated. In horizontal exposure the growth of the extreme cell apex is continued, while the growth of the lower flank is inhibited and that of the upper one is promoted. In the end phase the cell apex shows a damped oscillation until it finally reaches the vertical growth direction. The statoliths follow the oscillating growth of the cell tip from one flank to the opposite one until they are statistically equally redistributed in their normal position.—In vertical exposure under reduced turgor pressure the statoliths fall down into the extreme cell apex, where they inhibit the growth of this part of the cell wall, while the subapical wall grows transversally.—It is concluded that the statoliths inhibit the growth of the cell wall area which they cover.—The physical phase of the reaction chain, the susception, is the gravity-induced downward displacement of the statoliths. The physiological phase starts with the diversion of the acropetal transport of the Golgi vesicles to the upper part of the cell, which is caused by the block of statoliths (perception). The greater rate of vesicle incorporation into the upper flank in comparison to the lower one causes the subapical growth difference which results in the curvature (reaction).—In the case of the Chara rhizoid Golgi- and statolith-apparatus function as a self-regulating cellular system.

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